A Mastermind for Women in Entrepreneurship

We help female entrepreneurs and spouses of entrepreneurs connect and grow in all areas of life.
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Why was Wealthy Woman created?

Being a woman in business, entrepreneurship, or real estate comes with this unique feeling that something inside of you is missing. At first, you may not think anything of it; you’re succeeding, you’re growing, and you’re on a path to success that you never would’ve even thought was possible. But the faster you run, the higher you climb, and the further you go, the more this feeling grows…


Our Core Members

Heather Blankenship
Mindy Pineda
Brittany Arnason
Sharon Tseung
Ashley Kehr
Zasha Smith
Tiffany High
Stacey Johnson
Kristin Stampini

Our Core Values

Live With

Gratitude, Gratefulness, and Giving Back

Never Compromise Time with Family

Take care of Your
Mind & Body

Build Genuine Relationships

You are in control
of your own life

Take Action
Every Day

Getting Started

Free Video Training

Watch this free video training with Heather Blankenship, Sara Robinson, Soli Cayetano, Julianne Taylor as they talk about the ways they grow their businesses.

New Podcast

Listen to “The Ladies Room,” a podcast showcasing fierce, fabulous, and financially free women in the space, who open up about their experiences with life, businesses, and personal growth.

Our Program

Learn more about our Mastermind program, an exclusive community that brings together women looking for other like-minded ladies looking to grow their business and themselves.


Sign up for the waitlist for our next retreat, a 3 day experience where you’ll walk away with a new sense of purpose, invaluable friendships, the tools and resources you need to achieve your goals.


“It has been absolutely amazing, all the women here have been amazing, their ability to give me advice for my own business helped me so much, I’m going to leave away with so much knowledge and incredible friends”


“This has been mindblowing! I’ve been so grateful for the women, relationships, and mentorship is invaluable.”


“All the women are warm, welcoming, open, supportive, and encouraging. It’s an environment where you can be vulnerable about where you’re at in your journey, and how you can help one another in the process.”


Are you a Wealthy Woman?

Being a Wealthy Woman isn’t about financial wealth, it’s about living and having the drive to live a holistic, wealthy life.

You’re a Wealthy Woman if:
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Heather Blankenship and Ryan & Mindy Pineda have partnered up to create the first EVER women’s only high level mastermind dedicated to creating genuine relationships.

They met in 2021 and together realized there were two holes within the industry. Meeting and connecting with other high level individuals often felt fabricated and curated, with women being the most affected by this phenomenon.

Because of this, the two partnered up on a mission to bring together women interested in any aspect of entrepreneurship/business to foster real, genuine relationships.

With Ryan & Mindy’s powerful audience, interested in growing themselves and their lives, as well as Heather’s passion for women empowerment and success, the Wealthy Woman was born.
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