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What is Wealthy Woman?

The Wealthy Woman Mastermind is not about real estate, it’s about bringing together high performing and motivated women to create real relationships and connections. It’s not just an online community, it’s a lifestyle to integrate into your everyday life alongside women who are here to support and grow with you.

Why the Wealthy Woman?

Aligned Purpose

Create and nurture your vision to be a better businesswoman/entrepreneur with women doing the exact same. Never lose clarity on your goals and have the community to support you unconditionally.

Accountability & Dedication

Be immersed in an environment that holds you accountable and helps reveal to you your true potential. Accomplish your goals and go even further with the power of true accountability.

Authentic Relationships

Build genuine friendships that go beyond “networking.” Be part of a support system that wholeheartedly cares and helps, share your challenges/struggles without judgment, and celebrate all your achievements together.

Action Focused

Turn your visions into reality and learn from the collective group tools, skills, and resources they use to grow their businesses and life.

Our Core Members

Heather Blankenship
Mindy Pineda
Brittany Arnason
Sharon Tseung
Ashley Kehr
Zasha Smith
Tiffany High
Stacey Johnson
Kristin Stampini

 “This has been mindblowing! I’ve been so grateful for the women, relationships, and mentorship is invaluable.” - Summer

The Wealthy Woman Way

Create Your Vivid Vision
Controlling Your Own Life
Mastering Your Morning Routine
Establishing and Growing Authentic Relationships
Understanding Gratefulness and Gratitude
Empowering and Celebrating with Others
How to Create Goals the Right Way

What's Included?



Wealthy Woman members get preferred pricing and will experience our luxurious 3 Day retreats filled with activities like a personal chef, spa services, hikes, group coaching, and more.

Every woman walks away with unbreakable friendships, a new sense of direction, and equipped with the tools and knowledge to take action and achieve their goals.


“It has been absolutely amazing, all the women here have been amazing, their ability to give me advice for my own business helped me so much, I’m going to leave away with so much knowledge and incredible friends”


“This has been mindblowing! I’ve been so grateful for the women, relationships, and mentorship is invaluable.”


“All the women are warm, welcoming, open, supportive, and encouraging. It’s an environment where you can be vulnerable about where you’re at in your journey, and how you can help one another in the process.”


I felt out of place...

If you’re reading this, you probably feel exactly like how I felt for the majority of my life. My obsession and passion for entrepreneurship and business has allowed me to get to where I’m at today, but the cost was loneliness. It took me years to figure out why, but one day it clicked.

I had a burning desire to build genuine relationships with other women who shared this same passion, was almost impossible. 

The conferences and events I went to were male dominated, and I was always seen as a woman, NOT as a business owner, entrepreneur, and real estate investor. 

Fast forward, and from being on social media for a year, I’ve met so many strong, empowering women who share the same interests, feelings, and passions I do… and more. The connections I’ve made, things I’ve learned, and sense of community I’ve developed are the reasons I created the Wealthy Woman. 

I want to share what took me years to find, with women who are currently going through what I went through. Bringing women together, celebrating victories, sharing struggles, growing alongside each other, is what I was missing for so long, and now, I couldn’t imagine my life without those things in it.
- Heather Blankenship
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