Filling the Missing Piece

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Being a woman in business, entrepreneurship, or real estate comes with this unique feeling that something inside of you is missing. At first, you may not think anything of it; you’re succeeding, you’re growing, and you’re on a path to success that you never would’ve even thought was possible. But the faster you run, the higher you climb, and the further you go, the more this feeling grows.

It may start with you losing interest in things you had interest in before. Perhaps your old hobbies seem boring or a distraction. Or maybe the conversations you used to have with people are less engaging. The missing piece grows bigger and wider and you can’t put your finger on what it is. People you meet don’t share the same burning fire that drives you, they don’t share the same interests and passions that get you up in the morning, and they don’t understand the path you are on.

Connecting - not meeting - with other women who share the same relentless passion for growth, both in business and in our personal lives is an invaluable and rare occurrence.

The missing piece is connection.

This is why Wealthy Woman
was created.

The effects of true, meaningful connection, compounds in extraordinary amounts when surrounded by those who wholeheartedly strive for greatness. With consistent meetings, in person retreats, small groups, and a clear sense of purpose, this community is the centerpiece for women who are ready to take action.

Wealthy Woman is a way of life. It’s the place that fosters unbreakable friendships, the place with invaluable knowledge and connection, and the place for irreplaceable accountability, business relationships, and lifelong friendship. It’s the place to be vulnerable, and to share challenges, struggles, failures, dreams, goals, successes, and epic victories without worry of any doubt or judgment. It’s the place that gives you a more action-oriented life, the place to nourish your hunger to be a greater entrepreneur, wife, mother, daughter, friend, and woman.