Channeling Her Power Workshop Replay

An hour long workshop on how to achieve financial freedom with some of the most influencial women in the space.
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Hear the stories and experiences from some of the most inspiring women in the industry, and learn how they were able to achieve financial freedom with a few simple tools that anyone can implement in their own life. 
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Meet the Panelists

Soli Cayetano

Soli is the face behind Lattes & Leases! She’s a 23 year old, Bay Area resident and recent grad who recently stumbled into real estate investing. Within 12 weeks, she went from looking for a market to closing on my first rental property in Cincinnati, OH (over 2,000 miles away!). 

Sara Robinson

She and her husband, Tony J Robinson, co-host “The Real Estate Robinsons” YouTube channel where they share the behind the scenes work of their short term rental & flipping business. Sara has experience in remotely self managing short term rental properties both locally and out of state and currently manages 12 of their short term rentals and project manages and designs their flips.

Julianne Taylor

Julianne Taylor is a Charleston, SC based business coach, content creator, and product designer. With a BFA in interior design and a masters in human resources, Julianne marries creativity and a strong business acumen to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses and pivot strategies amidst a pandemic induced change to peoples' work environments and revenue streams.
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